What OS Does Michael Dell Use?

Now this was rather interesting to read! Could this be the future? Not just the OS either. Take a look at his choice of office suite!

The folks in Redmond must really be wondering what Mr. Dell is up to.


One thought on “What OS Does Michael Dell Use?

  1. Are you saying that Win Vista Ultimate is the future, or that Linux is moving up? šŸ˜‰

    I run Kubuntu 7.04 with open office and everything else packaged in to the release and I’m really satisfied. Linux in general, and Ubuntu/Kubuntu is particular, is a real competitor to the Windows suites on the desktops these days. Being a strong competitor on the server side for some time now, real progress and attention is put on the desktop OS, and in my humble opinion they made a really nice package with the 7.04 release.

    I recommend that you try Ubuntu/Kubuntu on a laptop or virtual machine if you have the chance..

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