T’ain’t Just the Government Who Works This Way

On March 18th I posted an entry titled Morning Coffee Ramble. In it I spoke of my fascination with some folks’ paranoia about government, while ignoring the fact that every government is a group of people with the same flaws as nearly every other group of people. My point was simply: if you fear the government, you may as well fear every influential, power yielding group. Case and point: Microsoft and Fred Vogelstein.

Apparently, Microsoft is concerned enough about their image to hire a PR agency to look into Mr. Vogelstein’s background a bit as well as trying and figure out what he’s going to write about. Interesting enough. That they had so much to say about him, 5,500 words worth, is very interesting indeed!

I can’t help but wonder how this is going to play out in the press for Microsoft. After all, had this been a U.S. President or European Prime Minister looking into the background of a journalist, the shriek from the press would be loud and long.


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