Al Gore Won’t Take the Floor

Well, it seems like Al Gore’s a bit nervous about appearing before the Senate to give his testimony regarding his belief that global warming is being caused by mankind and this made lead to catastrophic results. Despite the Senate Environment and Public Works committee bending over backwards and making exception after exception, he still hasn’t. Some Republicans are even claiming he’s looking for special treatment. You know what? When you read it for yourself, you may find yourself agreeing with them.

Now before you go and suspect that he’s shook up by the challenge of Lord Monckton, I need to point out that he may actually be sensing a genuine shift in the U.S. on the global warming issue (finally!).

A recent Oxford style debate about the climate issue held in New York featured some pretty heavy hitters, and it seems the global warming skeptics have come out on top after clearly being the underdogs, according to polls taken before and after the debate. This may even have the likes of the former Vice President rethinking things.

This article is well worth looking at, with plenty of other interesting links, so you may want to have a peek. If anything, you’ll update yourself on the issue. Have at it.



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