Future Technology

Last week, Da Minx and I were Skype-ing with Erik the Red and Cool Business Lady. Da Minx, who works with CBL, had to work out some details for a seminar. When the video screen popped up, to our delight, the little Ducissa (Latin for duchess, folks), Erik the Red and CBL’s daughter, popped up on screen. She’s so wonderfully cute, and such a delight. She was cute as could be and brought an instant smile to me and Da Minx’s faces.

It wasn’t long before we were all wondering what her world would be like. There she was in the midst of our Skype video conference, something she’s pretty used to by now, reacting to our silly, happy cooing, trying to get a smile out of her. For her, video conferencing will likely be the norm, if not old technology. Tales of her dad’s Xbox or old Harlem Brown’s Nintendo Game Cube will probably make her chuckle. And when she starts listening to Sister Theresa’s (another wonderful member of the gang) love and appreciation for vinyl..! Well, I hope we have a camera to capture the “What’s that?!?” look on her face.

All that said, I’m pretty sure the little Ducissa’s technological life will be quite different than ours. Now that I think of it, the busy engineers of Harvard are making absolutely sure it will be different.

Where are the limits? Go on. Answer. I dare you. 😉



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