Morning Coffee Ramble

I’ve always been fascinated by folks interested in research involving chips being planted in human brains. Some folks almost seem to crave it. As fantastic and mind-boggling as the work from the semi-conductor industry has been over the years, I still don’t want a chip any human has made being planted into or being connected to my brain. Call me paranoid if you like. That’s fine. But, so long as I keep seeing exploit after exploit taking advantage of vulnerability after vulnerability I will remain where I am. Just imagine the nightmare of someone hacking into your brain via a Trojan horse because of an implanted chip… No thanks. If it’s a chip that can be programmed, it can be hacked. Some may disagree, but more knowledgeable folks know better.

What’s a bit ironic is that, some of these same people who would like to experience this Matrix like world are extremely skeptical of just about anything the U.S. government is involved in. Even when the government actually shows it’s trying to be transparent as possible with what it’s doing this isn’t enough for some. The usual response is, “I don’t know… They’ve said that before.” Without a doubt, this is true. History is replete with examples of how governments have said one thing and did another. Sometimes they were for legitimate reasons of national security, but other times..! Of course, all it takes is one incident for people to feel betrayed. Human beings, in any instance, aren’t quick to forgive betrayal. However, on the other side of the same coin, I’m slow to hear many skeptics of government give praise when keeping things hidden for the greater good has proved the right decision at the time. The skeptics seem to go silent then. To me this smacks a bit of hypocrisy. I’m all for pointing out the wrong, but shouldn’t the right be pointed out as well?

All that said, I find it interesting that folks who are as suspicious as they are about the government, a group of human beings, would trust another group of human beings, who are just as flawed, to make chip they are willing to connect to their brains. A group whose main purpose will be it’s bottom line, how much it will be able to earn its shareholders. That’s no less scary to me. Come to think of it, maybe a bit more. Just imagined what disgruntled ex-programmers could do then.


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