The Joost Experience (part 2)

Something else struck me as I was having breakfast with Da Minx. The possibilities of Joost in the fantasy sports. Behold! Another demographic appears. It’s just a matter of marketing. 😉

Several years ago, we started the Stockholm Fantasy League based on fantasy football (American), and it’s been a hit every year since. There’s usually a queue of new folks who want to join every single season. Some of our users have moved to other parts of the world; however, as any Internet user knows, that doesn’t stop them from being able to participate in our fantasy league. As anyone in an NFL fanstasy fooltball league knows, few things are as exciting or fun as draft day. Draft day is usually preceeded by quite a bit of posturing and chest-thumping among the potential superstar couch-coaches of the fantasy world. I remember the first draft the league had where we were able to log in and chat with one another during the draft. That was a nice breakthrough and something we looked forward to the following season. I can just imagine the day we can conduct our draft while watching highlights from the previous season. Add in a little color commentary by fantasy experts and you’ve got something no fantasy fan is going to be able to resist. THAT would be awesome! It wouldn’t end there, of course.

Chatting with an opponent, for smack-talking purposes, of course, is always fun. But being able to smack talk with the entire league while watching an actual game takes it to another level entirely. Especially if one of your opponents lives in Indonesia. And that’s just the beginning…!

I have to close by writing that when I mentioned this particular possibility to my wife, the grim look of a fantasty football widow appeared on her face. I reassured her that I’d be there just as much as I was before. After all, Joost is still only in Beta. 😉



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