The Joost Experience (part 1)

Last night, I received what a lot of podcasters are talking about and what a lot of people want: a Joost invitation. For those of you who don’t know what Joost is, it’s basically interactive software for distributing TV shows (so far). Odds are pretty good you’ll be hearing about it in the future, especially since they’ve signed up with Warner Bros. among others. They’re also in negotiations with Viacom, MTV, BET (Black Entertainment Television), and Paramount. I get the feeling this is only the beginning.

I’ve heard some older curmudgeons in the IT podcasting world wondering what all the hype is about regarding Joost. Since I never saw it in action, I reserved comment. Well, after an initial bumpy install, I’ve got it going. I definitely see what all the hype is about.

It took me about a nano second to see the potential. Why? I’m the father of a 15 year-old daughter. Currently I have “Beyoncé Live @ Much” playing in the background. I KNOW my daughter would love to watch that. That’s a given. My daughter is also part of her generation’s chat-ocracy, to whom chatting is as second nature as using the telephone was for my generation. Joost offers a combination of both. That’s a winning combination. No doubt. So, as far as I’m concerned they’ve already recovered their investment costs because fathers like me are going to eventually fall victim to the advertising daughters like mine are in store for. But it doesn’t end there…

More to come.



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