DRM vs Human Ingenuity? Human Ingenuity Always Wins

So I’m e-mailing a friend back and forth about various things yesterday. He wrote a lot of informative things, as he usually does, but one in particular jumped off of the screen.

“I finally got the wii,” he wrote.

Fair enough. That’s exciting because I know it means play time in near the future, but nothing too chart topping.

Then he writes, “The Wii i got is already modded [modified].”

Just in case you’re wondering, that would be the new Nintendo Wii he was referring to. It’s the follow-up to their Nintendo’s Game Cube. It seems the clever creators of the Cyclo Wiz chip have already made it possible to modify the Wii. This means, yet again, games will be cracked, shared, and spread around the globe via the internet. And the game just hit the market.

Any of you still wonder why I don’t believe DRM stands a chance?


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