iPhone Reality Setting In

So it seems some of the Apple faithful are starting to see that the iPhone may not be all it’s been touted to be. It appears the Safari that’s going to be in the iPhone will not be the version we Mac users are used to in our regular OS X systems. Now that I mention it, the OS X may not be the OS X we’re used to either. So what does that mean for all of us who get a kick out of checking out the daily e-mail from Version Tracker? It means we’ll simply have to wait until we get home to our full blown versions of both Safari and OS X if we want to try out some new shareware/freeware. Developers must really be wondering what the deal is. Personally, after seeing all the free developer tools that come with Tiger (and there are a TON!), I can’t help but wonder what Señor Jobs is thinking. Looks like a clear case of one step forward for Tiger and two steps back for iPhone.


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