Apple’s Last Quarter: CHA-CHING

It seems Apple made $1 billion last quarter. That’s a chunk of change. Of course, selling 21 million iPods (90 million total for those who care) will do that. Mac sales rose 40% and Mac shipments rose 28%. Fewer viruses, better security, a nicer more intuitive interface, as well as the ability to run Windows as well as OS X probably has something to do with that. Apple shareholders must be smiling as much as Lt. Dan (think Forest Gump folks. The Apple moment in teh movie? Hang with me now).

As someone who switched from Rio to an iPod Nano and then straight on up to the big boy iPod Video (80 Gb), I understand the increase. Obviously I’m not the only one who likes the iPod. I especially like the fact that I can use my iPod Video as a portable hard drive.

All that said, YET AGAIN!, I can’t help but wonder what Señor Jobs is thinking by locking up the iPhone. Now it seems users won’t be able to use iPhones as portable hard drives (not that they’d be able to move much with just 4-8Gb anywho). I just don’t get it…

Forgive the short post, but I’ll make up for it soon. 😉


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