“It means that when all the bishops come together in council, and prayerfully address a controversy, they can count on the Holy Spirit to lead them to agreement. Christ had said to expect that guidance, for the Holy Spirit would ‘guide you into all the truth’ (John 16:13)”. “When the gathered bishops find consensus, they … Continue reading Conciliarity

5 Ways Eastern Orthodox Differs From Other Christian Denominations [UPDATED]

If you ask me, these are more sort of a Top 5 Ways. There are certainly more. It’s definitely worth reading though. UPDATE: Okay. It’s becoming quite apparent I was a bit too quick on the trigger posting the link to this article. To begin with I need to mention something about the source choosing to … Continue reading 5 Ways Eastern Orthodox Differs From Other Christian Denominations [UPDATED]

A Breath Of Fresh Air

I found this new online magazine called The Wheel to be a wonderful breath of fresh air. How appropriate that I’ve come upon it in the Spring right after Pascha! For just a smattering of what their editorial aim is, you may want to simply click here.

Being the Good Samaritan

One of my favorite parables told by the Lord Jesus is that of the Good Samaritan. Just a casual reading of the text makes the point, though the context really adds clarity (and it’s worth the research). Nevertheless, an example is the mother of all teachers, and hard to ignore. Jesus Christ, of course, knew this. … Continue reading Being the Good Samaritan